Historic renovation

Bespoke furniture production

Project management

Production, research and development

Packaging and shipping


Two decades ago, a number of engineers and craftsmen moved into luxury retail and interior design in Hungary. With a wide range of contacts, and a positive attitude, they used their combined experience in international business and project management to establish CCL. Business began with the creation of a craftsman database and a worldwide search for projects. Today, CCL uses its years of professional experience in working with craftsmen to produce original artisanal solutions and luxurious products, with a focus on interior design.

Worldwide craftsmen work with Lab experts and a 30-member team to produce world-class quality. The members of the CCL team mediate between the worlds of our customers and artists to interpret dreams and ensure quality.

Our portfolio presents virtually all the materials and technology used in producing our unique crafts, including extreme solutions. Rather than separate arts, design and the engineering sciences, we blend these creative disciplines together and encourage more crossover with every new day. Our service range spans from material production to restoration. No project is beyond our abilities, and we welcome the chance to take on new challenges head on.

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