Historic renovation

Bespoke furniture production

Project management

Production, research and development

Packaging and shipping


In the past two decades in Hungary a group of engineers and craft people has emerged in luxury retail and interior design. The international experience, contacts, experimental approach and project management skills pushed them to establish a company like CCL and start this success story. They started with collecting a database in the crafts people and looking for projects  worldwide. CCL, with many years of professional experience among its people, targets original artisanal solutions and luxury provided by European craft with a focus on interior design.

European practitioners of arts and crafts create enduring value with Lab experts and a 30-member team, thus ensuring world class quality. Members of the CCL team mediate between the world of our customers and artists, interpret dreams and assure quality.

Our portfolio includes virtually every material and technology from unique handicraft to extreme solutions. Instead of separating arts, design and engineering sciences, we integrate creative disciplines and create crossovers day by day. Our service portfolio ranges from material development to restoration. Nothing is impossible for us, we welcome challenges.

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